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BRANCH GUIDE BRANCH GUIDE 01. Opening Guide EnRe is looking for the branch who can lead the children to the future with their dreams, together with EnRe Language Academy, which is recognized as the best educational program and child management. 02. Process of Opening Branch 01 Registering Online and Telephone Counseling Registering online is required […]


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OVERSEAS ACADEMIC CAMP PROGRAM OVERSEAS ACADEMIC CAMP PROGRAM Overseas Academic Camp for training Global Leaders with international mindset! With excellent academic program of overseas study camp now in strategic partnership with EnRe, we train attribute of global leader with global mindset. This overseas academic program is only provided by EnRe. By understanding each students’ future […]


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ADMISSION FORM ADMISSION FORM EnRe Language Academy Admission Form Thank you for your deepest interest to EnRe Language Academy. If you apply according to the form below, more accurate and professional counseling would be provided.


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ADMISSION ADVICE ADMISSION ADVICE Admission Counseling If you want to enroll your child to EnRe Language Academy, your child need to get the exact level evaluation via level test, then the class arrangement will be done. EnRe Language Academy Admission Counseling Process and Notice 1. EnRe Language Academy Level Test * Level Test takes about […]


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CHINESE CHINESE COURSE Characteristics 特点 1. 区别于印象中以汉字学习为主的枯燥乏味的汉语课,而且在愉快的氛围中游戏为中心的教育课程。 Differentiation with difficult, and boring Chinese education, EnRe chinese has the fantastic fun & interesting playing language focused curriculum with five sensory expressions. 2. 为了幼儿和小学生的天才教育,从而可能强化集中力,创造力,认知能力的强化性教育课程。 In terms of kids and junior giftedness education, fostering social ability within three major areas, concentration, creativity, and intellectual capacity is the main […]


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Kids Kids Course Since February of 2004, Global Franchise English Republic has provided perfect education contents and programs in order to make it possible for anyone who complete EnRe curriculum contents to enter the Global Top Universities. EnRe curriculum contents are divided into 4 stages and you will see how many differences are between their […]


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RECRUIT RECRUIT EnRe Language Academy’s Ideal Qualified Employee English Republic Instructors are passionate in teaching FUN English. are creative motivators. have a strong sense of responsibility for helping EFL learners. EnRe Language Academy’s Standard of Recruiting 1. Recruitment Process 2. Selection Criteria We hire the most qualified instructor for a position that requires responsibility, sincerity […]

About EnRe

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About EnRe About EnRe English Republic, representing the best premium language academy, is targeting preschoolers and elementary students. Systematically organizing 4 language skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing, EnRe strives to provide the best foreign language education program possible, based on GSLP(Genius Systematic Linguistics Program), which is revolutionarily developed to help students naturally and interestingly […]